Boracay starts to be quite crowded, but is, like Tarifa in Spain, a place all kitesurfers almost have to visit. The island have constant winds during early winter, and you will definitely not be alone there, there are hundreds (thousands) of other kitesurfers there. And if you get tired, just chill a while at White Beach, which is not windy, and have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. And no, you do definitely not need a wetsuit here. Read the posts about kitesurfing in Boracay here!

Cap Verde
Cap Verde is the island nation south of Canary Islands in the Atlantic ocean. It is a little bit more remote, a little bit more chill, a little bit warmer during winter, and have great kitesurfing spots, especially for the ones liking to ride waves! We visited Boa Vista, but Sal island is also great for kitesurfing (Mitu have a center here). If you want to relax and have a really chilled out time, combined with kitesurfing, try going to Boa Vista. Here are our posts about kitesurfing in Boa Vista!

Sri Lanka
The north of Sri Lanka where the kitesurfing takes part is a undeveloped pearl in the indian ocean, where you have huge flat water lagoons and great winds and warm weather. Compared to Boracay, it is a lot more relaxed, better flat water, but a lot less developed and a lot less to do apart from kitesurfing. Though, going south in Sri Lanka will open awesome surfing- and touristing-possibilities too. And Safaris inland. But go here for the awesome kitesurfing in non-developed areas before it is too late! Here is our travel report for Sri Lanka!

Rhodes, Greece
Here is one for you that want cheap charter travel with the family, combined with some great kitesurfing. Go to Rhodes during early or late summer, visit Prasonissi for awesome flat water and some times waves. And eat awesome greek food. Rhodes was our first kite trip ever, and have a special place in our hearts. Read our kitesurfing report for Rhodes here!

Sicily, Italy
Another flat water place in the Mediterranean. And with as great food as Rhodes. Though, the kitesurfing might be even better here. Go to La Stagnone lagoon for eternal flat water. It should be windy all summer at least. And flat. Did I mention the local food and wines already? Here is our kitesurfing guide to Sicily!