Sardinia, uncontaminated island with long beaches and crystal clear sea. This is the Sardinia that all the tourists know. But there is another Sardinia, not well known by many people: Sardinia as perfect destination for all Sailing Sport: in fact, with a very high percentages of windy and sunny days all over the year, and with its fantastic sea and beaches, Sardinia can be considered a Paradise for all sailing lovers, kitesurfer as well. Statistics of, well-known weather forecast provider, confirms for Sardinia over 60% of windy days with an intensity of 10-12 knots, that is the minimum wind required for kitesurfing. With those statistics and several and different wind, wind and sea conditions, Sardinia is really a perfect place for kitesurfing.

The Kite beaches of Southern Sardinia Kitesurfing, that arrived in Sardinia in the 2000s, is growing steadily all over the world. Even in Sardinia, kitesurfing is becoming more and more practiced. From the North to the South, Sardinia can propose different kite beaches with winds and sea conditions that can change even every day. Because those conditions can also change between two nearby kite spots, support and advice of local people is highly recommended. The south of Sardinia, less famous than the north of the island, offers perfect wind conditions (almost always better than the northern conditions of the island, with more steady winds) and kite spots for kitesurfing to kitesurf. All the whole South coast of Sardinia is a succession of very different kite spots.

Among the kite spots in the South Sardinia, they are noteworthy Villasimius, Cagliari, Chia and Punta Trettu. In Villasimius and Chia, two famous tourist destination, the best wind for kitesurfing in their sandy beaches is the wind coming from North-West. Cagliari, a small and lively town with several shops, restaurants and outdoor facilities, has a very long beach that offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing with the thermal winds and the winds coming from East and South-East. The area of Cagliari offers so good conditions that has been chosen by Luna Rossa Challenge as training venue in view of the next America’s Cup.

Here in Cagliari, each year, they take place also several Kite international Events. as the last Kite Foil World Championship. Punta Trettu, in the South West of Sardinia, close to the small island of Sant’Antioco, is considered one of the best kite spot for kitesurfing in Europe: it has flat and shallow water plus steady wind. What else would you ask? Here in the South of the Sardinia, it works KiteGeneration kiteschool: based both in Cagliari and in Punta Trettu, this kite school provides kite lessons and services in many kite Southern Sardinia Beaches. Enjoy Kitesurfing! Enjoy this fantastic sport in Sardinia!