Learning To Be Parents On The Road

Because we’ve always done life this way, nothing much changed other than dad was around all the time. All four of us being together was no problem at all, other than, one-on-one child/parent travel is easier sometimes. I’ve read, often, that families have struggled to adjust to being together all the time. I can’t help you with that, sorry. It wasn’t our experience.

 It wasn’t a problem but kids want your attention. If you’re talking about adult stuff, boring stuff, like passports, visas, and currencies, the kids don’t have your attention. Without another adult around they have your full attention.

Take away a sibling and they have your full, complete, undivided attention.

No child comes with an instruction manual and no two kids or parents are the same.

 There are a million ways to parent and most of them work out fine. I’m not presumptive enough to tell you how to parent but I can tell you what worked for us and our kids in a full-time travel environment.

 We always aimed to be present and available. There was very little by way of me-time or couple-time but a whole bunch of us-time.

Yes, we thought about safety and yes you should too. We never thought that our kids were in greater danger in the countries we visited than they would be at home. Not even in El Salvador.

 As kids grow they get sick, they have accidents, where they are doesn’t make much difference but supervision does. We supervised the heck out of them.